Skyraiser Headcrest


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Skyraiser Headcrest
Skyraiser Headcrest

For those who open the sky in others; this ornament is designed specifically for natural Black hair. Available only in ultralight aluminum.

This accessory is shipped in a domed shape, and must be bent further by you to fit the shape of your forehead and hairIt is intended for use with 0.5" or longer Type 4/kinky/nappy hair types. The tighter your curl, the better it will hold in your hair. Works best in slightly damp or dry hair.

Note: This headcrest style will not adhere to straight hair. May be used with dreadlocks depending on how much new growth is present (0.5" minimum recommended).

Comes with a set of instructions for how to adjust it, as well as a polishing cloth. Should you need additional assistance with adjustment, please reach out to me at - I will be eager to guide you.

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