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Pathfinder Earcrest

Chart a new path into worlds untraveled with this ornament designed for the ear.

This accessory is shipped in a flat state, and must be adjusted by you to fit the shape of your ear/jaw. It can be worn in two different ways (see pictures).

This is a single earcrest, not a pair.

Comes with a visual set of instructions for how to adjust it, as well as a polishing cloth.


The earcrest is made of pure copper, which tarnishes naturally over time. This results in a darker patina/color developing on the surface of the copper, which can be left in place for a more aged appearance, or removed by wiping the earcrest with the included polishing cloth. 

While copper may leave a green mark on you due to tarnishing upon contact with your skin, this piece is meant to rest above your skin and will not cause this harmless reaction unless you choose to place it directly on your face. If this is how you would like to wear it, it is advised to coat the copper in clear nail polish to prevent this from happening.