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Qil Jones

Weeeeee! Yesterday I got some new tools in the mail, one of which is a bracelet former for creating some very nice looking C-shaped bracelets! I'm excited about this, especially cuz it also means I can get into making armbands and other pieces that would make good use of that form. My first inclination was to cut out a larger version of my Inkdiver Bookmark, and bend it into something arm-friendly.  First I had to tweak my machine for milling thicker metal (upwards of 1mm thick), and then the rest of the process was pretty simple after it finished the job - I just took that freshly cut strip of metal and smashed it in between two other pieces of metal called "dies" (one side convex, the other side concave) on this bracelet former. EZ. 

(Hey now, my machines ain't the only thing with a lil muscle!)

Take a look at the internal curvature on that thang. Go ahead, zoom in. Ooooh. 

Any day now, another tool for bending rings out of metal is coming in, too. That's gonna be life-changing!! Especially with the riveting tool I got...I'm gonna bend and cold connect so many things!!!! Can you tell I'm in my zone right now? BRB, I need to go lay down and dream some more stuff up. Will provide more tool coverage later. 🤯

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