a flashback from March 6, 2020

Qil Jones

Maybe I am a thought that never occurred. ⁣
Barbers said they'd never ⁣
seen someone like me before⁣
When I walked in a barbershop ⁣
for the first time in five years⁣
Looking like this.⁣
I asked what they think ⁣
Black folks look like in the Afrofuture?⁣
They said they had never thought of it.⁣

A kid I once taught saw me out in the world⁣
Asked me about what my jewelry means?⁣
Signals. For people I want to ⁣
build community with in the Afrofuture.⁣
I asked who he thinks he'll be in the Afrofuture?⁣
He said he had never thought of it.⁣
I told him to find me someday when he sees it.⁣

I hope he sees that he is already who he'll be⁣
That he comes from a legacy of ⁣
thoughts that never occurred⁣
Things seen but not seen⁣
And questions that were never asked⁣
Of Blackness,⁣
All of which we are always the answers for. ⁣

Next time I get a haircut⁣
I will not look like this⁣
To remind the barbers that they⁣
Have seen me before⁣

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