website update!

Qil Jones

Hey! Take a look at my new site layout. I've been taking time to tweak it closer to being a website that'll allow me to better chronicle my work and all the ways it connects me to y'all. I'm hopeful that it can better equip me to share things about myself that I prefer to not post on Instagram/Facebook. Given how much we know those platforms advance a digital conception of colonialism, I feel like one of the best moves I can make at this point is to nurture my own lil internet spot into something that will represent me in a way that I don't think Zuck's imagination can.

And so here we are!

I'd like to center the connection between what I think about and what I make, so I'm putting my blog posts front and center on this website because that's where this all starts with me. I sit with shifting thoughts about Blackness, chronoliberation, and anything else that fits between the two in order to create my jewelry. I would love to share my reflections with y'all. I would also love to read your comments on my posts, because this is shaping up to be a home for me on the internet, and I do enjoy getting letters in the mail (and writing back even more!).

You might also notice that I've added a link to my Patreon on my website -- where my resources on working with metal/my metal jewelry prototyping services are being made available -- as well as an updated about me & FAQs page. There is ALSO a new "Prototypes" tab, where I'll be displaying my more experimental work (not for sale, mostly). That'll be the place to see where I'm pushing how I play with my intentions towards combining metal and Black faces. 

Coming up next: some new jewelry releases, of course. What's something that isn't worn on the face and rhymes with...facelet? 




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